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Walking with Dogs


  • Some houses  do not allow pets

  • You must send a copy of proof of liability insurance (cover sheet for your home owners liability policy) 

  • Must be approved in advance of booking- picture of pet must be sent to owner. 

  • Pets must be non-aggressive toward other animals, adults or children. 

  • You must have a health note from your vet dated within 30 days of travel- you must either take a picture and email that to me or send it to me in the mail-

  • I need a direct note from your Vet that they are on Prescribed flea treatment & heart worm program.  (not purchased at Petco or non-vet stores- its just not strong enough for the FL bugs)

  • You are responsible for picking up after your animal and keeping them leashed while outside at all times. 

  • There is a cleaning fee of $45 required for pet owners- my cleaners spend an extra hour at each house after a pet stay making sure to remove any pet dander and washing all comforters and even rolling couches.

  • Pets should not sit on any furniture at the houses

Pet Policy

Pet Policy

click each link to see pet friendly rentals

Pet frendly rentals
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