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Coffee and a Sunrise

One of the last stops before the bridge begins, Patrona can be found at 13090 Gandy Boulevard North next to The Getaway.

Patrona Coffee is a company roasting its own beans, with several delicious signature blends, and Patrona Coastal Café is the roaster’s signature coffee shop. All of their beans are roasted fresh in-house, making the waterside cafe the perfect place to experience a Patrona espresso or cold brew right where it all began. Patrona delivers great drinks in a great location overlooking Tampa Bay.

Mornings are for coffee and beautiful sunrises. Also for stunning views over the water. One of St. Pete’s newest cafés is also one of the most beautiful around, as Patrona Coastal Café and Roastery brings that toes-in-the-sand, sunrise-over-the-bay experience to the Burg.

With outdoor seating featuring tables nestled under palm trees and colorful shade-giving sails, Patrona Coastal Café takes its name seriously, providing a truly Floridian coffee experience.

Situated on the water, coffee sippers and cinnamon roll snackers can enjoy views of the mangroves, boats coming and going, and the motions of kayakers and SUP’ers strolling along the water.

The café also has bags of its house-roasted beans available for purchase.

Patrona Coastal Café is open

Tuesday-Friday 7:30 am – 1:30 pm

Saturday-Sunday from 8:30 am – 1:30 pm.

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