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Dude, Where's my ride!?

The SunRunner is PSTA’s new Bus Rapid Transit service – the first of its kind in Tampa Bay. Cruising past traffic in its own lane, the SunRunner will get you where you need to go with no parking hassles. SunRunner’s raised platforms are designed to act like train platforms, so people boarding the bus are on the same level with the bus. No steps for wheelchairs, strollers, bicycles, or scooters to navigate means the boarding process is quicker and easier. The bus whisks riders out to the beach, or downtown in about 35 minutes, end to end. This means if you live around 49th Street in St. Pete, you’re 15 minutes to both. The SunRunner is not just another bus. For visitors and residents, the stretch along Central Ave, through South Pasadena to St. Pete Beach and everything for 10 miles in between, is now quickly accessible. Become a SunRunner Gold card holder and receive discounts at participating businesses along the SunRunner route.

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