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NEW-Incredible, Handmade Works of Art and Craft

The perfect place for the Museum of the American Arts & Crafts Movement. It is full of captivating works of art in a gorgeously designed space. From a stained glass, peacock-feather Tiffany lampshade to fine art by the likes of Arthur Wesley Dow portraying life at the turn of the 20th century to intricately carved furniture, the museum showcases the movement's most iconic works. Most of the collection’s more than 2,000 pieces are on loan from the Two Red Roses Foundation, though there are plenty of visiting exhibits planned. Objets d'art you can expect to see include one-of-a-kind pottery, wood-block prints, metal work, furniture, jewelry and decorative tiles. Handmade and often intricate, they’re bold, impeccably preserved pieces whose influence you can see in even the most modern jewelry, décor and architecture.

The MAACM’s 137,000 square feet of exquisitely designed space is a work of art unto itself. Designed by celebrated Tampa architect Alberto Alfonso in collaboration with museum founder Rudy Ciccarello, the five-story museum promises hours of captivating experiences, from the beautiful grand atrium to the seashell-esque spiral staircase!

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