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Satisfy your sweet tooth!

At Sorrento Sweets in St. Pete, you will experience the perfect blend of cozy ambiance and excellent service. The moment you step into this charming little shop, you are greeted with a spotless and inviting atmosphere that promises a delightful visit. That isn't all! The staff at Sorrento Sweets goes above and beyond to make your visit truly memorable. Their friendly and helpful nature adds a special touch to every visit.

Now, let's talk about their authentic Italian treats and other offerings. Imagine sipping on a tantalizing White Raspberry Latte that's as flavorful as it is beautifully crafted. For the foodies, their Lobster tail with French vanilla cream is a must try that will satisfy your taste buds. Let's not forget to mention their melt in your mouth butter cookies or their crunchy Biscotti. Their coffee menu is delightful with cappuccinos, cafe mochas and lattes. Pair your cup of coffee with a delicious breakfast sandwich to cure those morning cravings. Sorrento Sweets has a great list of sandwiches in general and the breakfast options are perfect for something quick and on the go.

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