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Scuba Diving in and around the area!

Reef Diving!

Are you a diving enthusiast? There are 42 reef sites along the gulf coast of Pinellas County from Tarpon Springs to St. Pete Beach, located from 200 yards to 38 miles offshore, and one in Tampa Bay .

Offshore Reefs

Artificial reefs are improving fishing opportunities and creating new scuba diving destinations. Enjoy diving and fishing on the Pinellas County's artificial reefs.

These reefs provide valuable underwater habitats for marine life and are constructed from environmentally safe construction and demolition waste. Items such as concrete pipes, steel beams or entire ships are carefully placed on the ocean bottom. Within about two weeks, algae and barnacles attach to the reef material. Soon, fish come to feed on these creatures. Within a year, the reef begins to support coral growth.

The St Pete Beach Reef located at N 27 40.720 W 082 51.820 is between 28-34 foot deep and does not have a maintained buoy

Reef features:

• Some anglers consider this reef one of the best fishing spots in southern Pinellas County.

• Located five miles from Passe-A-Grille entry

• Concrete bridge materials from the Old Corey Causeway and Skyway Bridge formed the reef’s foundation in 1976

• 200-foot barge located 50 feet east of the reef’s center (sunk in 1984)

• Features ten obsolete U.S. Army tanks (sunk in 1995)

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