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Walking tour of Gulfport

Start at Gulfport beach: This small but beautiful beach is located in the heart of Gulfport and is a great place to start your walking tour. Take a stroll along the shoreline and enjoy the views of Boca Ciega Bay.

Visit the Gulfport Casino: This historic building was once a popular destination for ballroom dancing in the 1930's and 40's. Don't miss out on their weekly dances.

Explore Beach Boulevard: This charming street is home to variety of shops, galleries, and restaurants. Take your time to wander and explore the unique boutiques and art galleries.

Check out the Gulfport Art Walk: If your happen to be in Gulfport on the first Friday or third Saturday of the month, you can experience the Gulfport Art Walk. This event showcases local artists and their work and is a great way to experience the vibrant art scene in Gulfport.

Walk along the waterfront: Take a stroll along Shore Boulevard and enjoy the views of Boca Ciega Bay. You can also visit the Gulfport History Museum and learn more about the town's rich history.

End at Clam Bayou Nature Preserve: This beautiful nature preserve is located just a short walk from downtown Gulfport. Take a walk along the boardwalk and enjoy the views of the mangroves and wildlife.

This walking tour should take around 2-3 hours depending on how much time you spend at each location.

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